Our New Blogging Buddies!

Hello friends,
Check out our new blogging buddies’ blog. It is filled with interesting and thoughtful information. Let’s start up a conversation and make some new friends.

Can you figure out where they are from?

Their first post is all about famous people from their state.

Can you name a few of them?

I think you will be surprised by these biographies.
Here is the link to the blog:                            http://edublogs.misd.net/techiekids/2013/03/15/notable-michiganders/

The Mysterious Giant of Barletta

The Mysterious Giant of Barletta is an Italian folktale that takes place in the peaceful city of Barletta, Italy.  The town is suddenly threated by an invading army.  How do they overcome this terrible problem?  What are the events in the story that help them to survive?

Write the sequence of events as a comment to this post.


Valentine’s Day Estimation Jar

Did you know that nearly 140 million Valentine’s cards are handed out each year?  That is second only to Christmas cards!


Are you handing out Valentines to your friends?

How do you celebrate this holiday?

Check out our estimation jar.  Can you guess how many candies are in the jar? 

The first clue is that the number is odd. 

The second clue is that the number is 3 digits.

The third clue is that the second digit is 5.

Aman has a blog!

Aman from our class has his own blog!  That is so exciting.  I know he would love to have some people leave him comments.  Check out his latest posts and enjoy.  His blog is linked to our student blogroll under Aman’s Blog.  Happy blogging!




Hey everybody!  Halloween’s just around the corner and I’m here to talk about it with you!  In case your not from our country it’s awsome!  The reason we celebrate (I learned this from church) is to scar all the evil spirts away.  We also get to carve pumkins!  I carved a pumkin on Sunday and I carved a picture that’s called the “Conga Mansta”   It’s really fun.  Also somthing really fun is dressing up.Last year I was a vampire.  It’s so fun!Now this is where all the magic happins trick or treating!  Trick or treating is somthing you do at night.  You walk around with your costumes on to other people’s houses then you say “trick or treat” then they give you candy.It’s that easy.  “Oh” I forgot for Halloween you can dress up as anything you want and you can put up Halloween decorations just like christmas but a little scarier.  So that is what Halloween is.  Aren’t you excited?


Your friend Maddy


Crayfish by Gabe

We are having crayfish in our classroom. They are for science. We have them until winter break. They do not like it when we pick them up! We keep them in two separate tubs. They like to be alone not with other crayfish. Unfortunately since we put them together they fight a lot. We have 5 of them. They are 2 inches long, and red.

Have you ever seen a crayfish? did your findings match ares?


Are you ready for the WALK-A-THON?!

Next week we are doing our school’s amazing walk-a-thon!  I am so excited to raise money for our school and stay healthy by walking.  As we prepare, it is good to think about your fitness goal.  I am going to try to walk 15 laps in 20 minutes. 

What will your goal be? 

Leave a comment and let us know. 

Also check out last year’s video to get inspired and excited!

Welcome Back!

Hello and welcome back!  I am so excited to connect with you this year through our class blog!  I can’t believe that summer is almost over and we are heading back to school.  I hope your summer was fun and that you were able to rest and relax.  My summer was very eventful.  My husband and I took a road trip to Los Angeles, California.  We drove through Crater Lake, San Jose, and on to LA.  It was a very fun trip with lots of memorable moments.  Later in the summer I had the privilege of chaperoning a high school group to Denmark and Sweden.  This was a fabulous trip!  We saw so many beautiful buildings, and ate some really great food. 

Just last week I attended a collaboration conference in Seattle where I was reinvigorated as a teacher and I can’t wait to apply all the new ideas to our learning this year.  I am so looking forward to meeting and getting to know all of you.  I believe this will be the best year ever as we work and learn together.  As you are getting ready to come back to school, I wanted to remind you that we have the meet and greet on Tuesday, Sept. 4th from 2-4pm.  I hope you can all make it.  The first day of school is Sept. 5th and even though it’s a Wednesday, we do have a full day and we will get out at 3:30. 

I am sure you are getting your school supplies and packing up those backpacks to bring on the first day.  It would be helpful if you could remove glue sticks, pencils, and erasers from packaging and recycle them before you come to school so we can get through our unpacking quickly and easily. 

I am sure you are feeling many things as you prepare to come to school on Wednesday.  It’s normal to feel excited, nervous, or maybe even a little bit scared.  I feel all those things as I get ready for a new year.  What are you most excited about?  What are you most nervous about?  Please feel free to leave a comment for me about your feelings.

Quadblogging buddies for Fall

I am so excited that we are going to be participating in quadblogging this Fall.  It is such a great way to meet new friends, learn about the world through a global network, and share through writing who we are and what we do here in our school.  If you are new to quadblogging, what it is a scheduled connection with three different classes from around the world.  Each week we visit one classes blog, read their posts, and leave comments.  One week, our class blog will be showcased and read by the other three classes and we will have a chance to correspond with them through comments.

The blogs we are connecting with are listed below.

Mrs. Henderson’s class from Northern Territory, Australia  http://misshendo.edublogs.org/

Mrs. Hamilton’s class  http://ehamilton.global2.vic.edu.au/

Mrs. Pike’s class  http://blake4cp.wordpress.com/

Mrs. Murdoch’s class


Part of the fun of quadblogging is reading each blog and getting to know each class. ]

Can you figure out what grade these classes are and where they are from?

I can’t wait to see what connections and relationships we create with our blogging buddies!

Photo courtesy of http://quadblogging.net/ Wordle