As White as a Polar Bear

Today our class is learning about similies.  A similie is when you compare two things using the words like or as. 

The subject of reading is like eating a cupcake.  They are both satisfying.

Looking through the window  is like looking through a crystal ball. 

Your eyes are like looking at a crystal ball.

Your eyes look like coconuts

Your eyes look like brownies.

Your eyes look like crystals

Your eyes look like diamonds.

Solving a math problem is as satisfying as eating candy.

Check out our similies in our comments section. 

Can you think of some good similies to add to our list?

46 thoughts on “As White as a Polar Bear

  1. Dear Mrs.Adair,
    This is my similie, eating pizza is as good as cake.
    You have 2,090 Americans.
    From Caden

  2. Dear Mrs. Adair,
    My simile is ” A Sharpie is like a rock hitting
    on a stone.”
    From, Nicholas.

  3. Dear Mrs. Adair,
    Here are some of my similes. Polar bears are like winter snow. The sun is like BBQ. Snow is like vanilla ice cream.


  4. Dear Mrs. Adair,
    Here are a couple of similies for your list.
    Eating a cupcake is like doing a math problem.
    Looking at a cupcake is like looking through a window.
    Baking a cupcake is like eating a chocolate cake.
    Snow is as white as a pillow.
    Your student, Rasmus.

  5. Dear Mrs. Adair,
    Here are my similies,
    Washing your hands is easy as making a sandwich, cleaning your hands is as easy as writing a similies,
    Snow is like pillows on the ground, & money is like love.
    From Caden

  6. Dear Mrs. Adar,
    Here are some of my similes:
    Playing in the snow is like touching a polar bear.
    Throwing snow balls is like throwing water balloons.
    Making a snowman is like making a paper doll.
    Snow is like a ball of water.
    My lips are like red cherries.
    My eyes are like crystals.
    The ocean is as blue as a blue bird.
    Riding a bike is like walking in the park.
    Sincerely, Yennhi

  7. Dear Mrs. Adair,

    Here are my three similes:
    1. The snow is like stars because they both shine and sparkle.
    2. My lips were as blue as blueberry’s.
    3. For some people colors are like popsicles. Because,
    They are both satisfying.


  8. Dear Mrs.Adair,
    Here are some similes:
    Snow is as white as the clouds in the sky,
    Snow is as cold as ice cream,
    Whipped Cream is as white as a Polar Bear.

  9. Dear Mrs. Adair,

    Here are my similes:
    Playing in snow is like playing in sand.
    Snow is like a big blanket.
    Falling snow are like soft raindrops.

    Sincerely, Aryan

  10. Similies
    Dear Mrs. Adair
    These are my similies, there about peace and happiness.
    1.Snow is like fresh vanilla ice cream.
    2.A dove is like an angel.
    3.A flower petal is like a goddess of peace.
    4.When you smile it’s like the worlds smiling to.
    5.A dew drop is like a fairy.
    6.A snow ball is like a bunnies tail.
    From Zoe

  11. Dear Mrs. Adair

    Hear are my 3 similes. Snow is like white fluffy puff balls!

    Icicles are like looking at a clear mear!

    Hay is as fluffy as snow!

    And those where my 3 similes!!

  12. Dear, Mrs Adair
    Here are some of my similies,
    Looking through a window is like looking
    through crystals. Snow is like falling ice
    cubes. Snow is like soft blankets.
    From, Sebastian

  13. Dear Mrs. Adair,
    Here are my some of my similes:
    Me and my friend Ellie are like two peas in a pod,
    We are very close.
    My cat and blankets feel like fluff,
    They are both soft.
    Eating ice cream is like eating fresh powdery snow,
    They are both Delicious!
    Grace 😀

  14. Dear Mrs. Adair,
    These are my similes
    1. Snow is like puffy cold clouds on the ground.
    2. The globe is like a giant ball.
    3. A field of grass is like a big piece of land.
    From, Lauren

  15. Dear Mrs. Adair,
    Here are 4 similes The snow looks like contin candy. My hands were as cold as iceskills.
    I went sliding I went as fast as lighting.

    From: your friend Carmen(;(:

  16. Dear Mrs. Adair,
    Here are my similes:

    Snow is soft like a cloud.
    Snow is like pillows on the grown so soft and puffy.
    Snow is like a cotteinball very fluffy!
    Snow is like an iceickall very cold.
    Snow is very slippery like iceickall’s

    Sincerely, Caitlyn

  17. Dear Mrs. Adair

    Here are my similes
    She was doing homework it’s like baking a pie.
    I was doing math it’s like petting my dog.
    At school is like being fanny.
    Love Alexa

  18. Dear Mrs. Adair’s Class,
    I am SO impressed with your similes! Your creativity in writing similes is enjoyable to read.
    Now I feel I have to add to the conversation.
    My husband and I spent 4 days without power during the storm, so I have one that is related to that experience.
    Living without heat in the winter is like moving into an igloo without blankets.

    Keep reading and writing!
    Mrs. Hembree

  19. Dear Mrs. Adair,
    Here are my similies.
    Snow is like clouds in the sky.
    Snow is like vanilla Ice cream.
    Snow is like a soft pillow.
    From Miranda

  20. Hi Mrs Adair,

    I’m Baylee from Moorfield school (part of the quadblogging) and we were learing about similies last year.
    We have been trying to include them in a writing.
    Here is a exsample

    She ran as fast as a moterbike.

  21. Dear Mrs Adair’s class,

    What great similes you have written! The children at our school have been learning all about similes, so I hope they add some to your list as well!

    We have also been learning about Polar bears, so I was intrigued by the title of your post.

    Mrs Adair must be as proud as a peacock.

    Mr Brown
    Moorfield Primary School, Newport, Shropshire, UK

  22. Dear mrs Adair hear are 4 simlis.
    He is as strong as a gorila but I’m as strong as a blue whale.
    He jumpps as well as a Kangarroo!
    From Damien, Moorfield School

  23. Dear Mrs Adair,
    wev’e been learning about similes, this is mine.He runs as fast as a chetah.It is as pretty as a rainbow.

    From Tom
    Moorfield primary school

  24. Dear mrs Adair hear are some simlis.
    My dad is as strong as a water boferlo.
    My jumper is as soft as a teday bear.
    A kangaru jumps as well as a dolphfin.
    From Brent
    Moorfield, UK

  25. dear Balee-rose,
    I’m lauren(part of quad bloging)
    what is a i love your similie coment! it is so cool.
    i will show you one i did,
    your eyes look like brownies! your great at
    from Lauren,

  26. Dear Damien,
    your similes are great I love them so much!
    here is one for you do you like it?
    Painting a picture is like spring leaves falling down from a tree!
    From your friend, Rasmus

  27. Dear Tom,
    I think your simlies are wonderful! Here is one of my simlies: Meeting people is like listening to music.
    From Your quad blogging friend, Yennhi N.

  28. Dear Baylee-Rose,
    My name is Eleni and I would like to know how old you are and what grade you’re in.

  29. Dear Brent,
    what are jumpers?
    Whats your favorite food?
    What do you like to do?
    From Caden

  30. My simlie is as clear as a window.As black as a dark night .As pretty as a princess.As fit as a famous runner.

    From Isabel from Moorfield primary school.

  31. Dear MR Brown
    What is your class learning in science this year.
    my class is learning about the human

    from shaun

  32. Dear Damian,
    I can’t believe you came up with those kinds of similes.
    I bet I coulden’t do better similes than those. Were did you come up with those similes.


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